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Meet the Girl Behind The Brand

Born in the heart of fashion, Paris France. Fashion has been an inspiration and dream since youth. With years of fashion school, personal styling and hands-on experience with clients of diverse requirements, not only do I have an eye for fashion but an experience with every single aspect of what makes fashion so desirable. As a career, hobby, and lifestyle; Fashion isn’t a commodity but a way of life. In the next year, my goal is to start designing pieces for The Doll Hause, that reflect ” fashion in my eyes “. The most desirable question is where my outfits come from and how I put them together: my inspiration is to be a leading fashion icon beyond the community and set an everlasting mark on fashion.

Our Approach

The Doll Hause features selective handpicked European inspired clothing, bringing you the newest styles and collections from each season. We can also customize any outfit in any colour to your preference! Think of us as your own personal stylist.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning , a dream and a dedication to its customers. these designs and pieces are not only desired by own thoughts and dreams, but todays highest fashion picks. Hand picked, sought after and pre- tailored ; Our outfits are handpicked items from Europe, Asia, and North America. I want to design clothes to help people feel amazing about themselves the way I feel about fashion.


Only the best for our valued customers. Here’s what they have to say about The Doll Hause Boutique.

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